Best Business Phone Services in 2019

Best Business Phone Services

This article features some of the best business phone services for all kinds of business. Although you can make use of your Landline or Normal Mobile Phone Service for the purpose, it does not seem to be professional as you will lack a lot of features like efficient call management for a large number of […]

List of 650+ Programming Languages [Updated 2019]

Programming Languages

Programming Languages are the key to harness the computing power of a machine. This article is different from what usually we publish here at WTMatter. It contains a huge list of around 650 Programming Languages. All the information presented here is researched from Wikipedia. If you’re just interested in knowing about the most popular and […]

What are Subdomains? – Guide For Beginners


Table of Contents What is a Subdomain?Why & How Subdomains are used?Subdomains & SEOHow To Create Subdomains? What is a Subdomain? A Subdomain is basically a part of your main domain name. It can be well explained with an example only. Consider that is the main domain name, then,,, all of […]

What is a Domain Name? – Guide For Beginners

Domain Names

Table of Contents What are Domain Names?The Working of Domain NamesDomain Name ExtensionsHow To Choose A Good Domain Name? What are Domain Names? In one line, the domain name can be defined as the name of a website. It is a general and human-understandable way to locate a website on the Internet. Every website which […]

Email Marketing [The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for 2019]

Email Marketing

Beginner’s guide to Email Marketing with definition, history, types, pros, cons, tools, tips and terminology. Includes the tutorial to get started with it. Table of Contents What is Email Marketing?Why Email Marketing Is Important?Historical OverviewTypes of Email MarketingInformational EmailsPromotional EmailsTransactional EmailsLead Generation EmailsSubscriptions & NewslettersPros and Cons of Email MarketingProsConsTerminology in Email MarketingEmail SubscribersOpt-InsDouble Opt-InUnsubscribe […]

Make Money Blogging in 2019 [The Top 10 Ways]

Make Money Blogging

This article features a list of 10 Ways To Make Money Blogging. We’ve already shared a lot of guides on Blog & Blogging. This is one of the most special guides among them. For most people, one of the primary reasons for running a blog is to earn from it. So, how do people make […]

Create A Website Sitemap [Step By Step Guide]

Create A Website Sitemap

A sitemap is one of the things that helps in getting better Search Engine Indexing and Ranking for sure. This is a step by step guide for all those beginners, who are new to the topic of creating sitemaps for their websites and blogs. There are over 200 factors that can help in SEO and […]

How To Add Google Translate In WordPress?

Add Google Translate In WordPress

This article is a tutorial on how to add google translate to your WordPress website or blog. There are thousands of different languages spoken around the world. As the Internet is very diverse we can find people browsing the web and looking for required content in the language of their preference. Even you publish content […]

Best Websites To Check Google Keyword Rankings

Best Websites To Check Google Keywords Rankings

This article features a list of tools to check Google Keywords Rankings. To get traffic from Search Engines like Google, you first need to find the keywords that people are searching on the Internet. This process is known as Keyword Research. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once […]