Jack Ma – Alibaba Founder’s Inspirational Story

Jack Ma (Alibaba Founder) Inspirational Story

Featuring the inspirational story of Jack Ma, Chinese business magnate, and the founder of Alibaba. Find out how he achieved success after so many failures. “You’re no good!” ever wondered how devastating these three words could be? For some, it could have been so overwhelming that they might end up losing all their self-confidence and […]

Python callable() Function

Python Built In Callable() Function

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python callable() Function. Learn to figure out whether a given Python Object is callable or not using this method. Python callable() Function This function returns the boolean value True if a given Python object is callable and if it’s not, it returns False. Sometimes, you may want to […]

How To Write an Abstract? (Quick Guide)

How To Write An Abstract (Quick Guide)

This is a quick step by step guide to help you write an abstract for your research paper, book, thesis, review, or any other article and publications. An abstract is a summary of a research article, thesis, or review for a conference proceeding. It is often used to help the reader quickly understand the purpose […]

Python bytes() Function

Python Built In Bytes() Function

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python bytes() Function. Learn to create an immutable array of bytes for a given size and data using this method. Python bytes() Function This function returns an immutable bytes object for a given Python Object. You can use this method to create the bytes object with a given […]

Python bytearray() Function

Python Built In Bytearray() Function

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python bytearray() Function. Learn to convert a given Python object into a mutable array of bytes with examples. Python bytearray() Function This function returns an array of bytes for a given Python Object. This array of bytes that this function returns is called as a bytearray object. This […]

Python chr() Function

Python Built In Chr() Function

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python built-in chr() Function. Learn to convert an integer into its corresponding Unicode Character with examples. Python chr() Function The function chr() converts a given integer number into its corresponding Unicode Character. Every Unicode Character has a corresponding integer number. You can find the complete list of these […]

Python bool() Function

Python Built In Bool() Function

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python built-in bool() function. Learn to convert a Python Object into a Boolean Value using this method with examples. Python bool() Function The bool() function converts a given Python Object into a boolean value i.e. into either True or False. This method follows the standard truth testing procedure […]

Python Built-in Functions

Python Built In Functions

This article lists all of the Python Built-in functions along with their description and link to their detailed tutorials that contain illustrative examples. List of Python Built-in Functions Given below is the list of various built-in functions available to perform different operations on different python objects. The titles of each of these are linked with […]

Python Sets (Tutorial with Examples)

Python Set Tutorial

This is a detailed tutorial of the Python Sets. Learn to create Sets and perform various operations on them using different methods with examples. Python Sets A Set is such a collection object in Python that is unordered and unindexed. No duplicate items are allowed in a Set. They are also mutable that means we […]

Python Tuple Methods

Python Tuple Methods

This article lists and describes all of the Python Tuple methods. Find out the purpose and the usage of each of these methods with the help of examples. Python Tuple Methods Two methods can be applied to Python Tuples. These methods are listed below and a single line description is given for each of these […]