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Blog Name Generators

This article features a list of some of the eight best blog name generator tools. Blog Name matters, and therefore, newbies spend hours of their time in the research of finding a perfect name for their new blog. You should not start your blog with just any random name. The reason being a blog is always a long-time venture, and the name is something by which people are going to identify you and your blog during this venture. To make your blog a brand and attract more and more opportunities, your blog name itself needs to be really cool and attractive, as well.

So, what you call a good blog name? Well’s there are no exact definitions, but there are several things or features that make a blog name, really good and acceptable for the long-term. Blog names further matter because you decide the domain name as per the name of your blog, and most of the time, people wanted to have the domain name the same as their blog name — obviously, its good to avoid any kind of confusion among the blog audience.

There are millions of domain names already registered by the people all around the world, and most of the time, the chances are the name that you’ve decided for your blog might not have the same domain name available. Therefore, in most of the cases, the blog name decision is actually influenced by the availability of the domain name. So, you also need to make sure a matching domain name is also available for your selected blog name.

Steps To Choose A Good Blog Name

These are basically the factors that you should keep in mind while researching a good name for your new and upcoming blog. You may need not to follow all of these, but just try to follow the maximum for better outcomes.

Keywords. Try to include keywords from your niche that really represents the topic of your blog. Most of the blogs are topic or niche concentric. In other words, every blog has some particular topic of publishing. For example, there are Food, Fashion, and Travel blogs. You should include keywords from your niche in the blog name. For example, if you’re going to start a fashion blog, you can include keywords like fashion, style, vogue, trend, etc. There are several benefits of including the keyword in your blog name or domain name. People can easily identify the niche of your blog, and the next and major is the SEO benefit. Google and other search engines could identify the topic of your site easily and can help you get targeted traffic. For more SEO knowledge, consider reading the following linked article.

Make Combinations. Try to make combinations of two or three words, to make your blog name sounds good. For example, my food blog (although it will not be available, I’m just giving an example), style and beauty, recipes of choice, gadgets i like, etc. Try to keep the combinations as short as possible. Two words combination is appreciable. There are some exceptions in which you can use a lot more words to make your blog sounds really great. One such example of an existing popular blog is, I will teach you to be rich. Combinations created a rhyme in our mind, and therefore, people memorize the blog names made of combinations easily. So, if you don’t want your visitors to forget your blog name easily, choose a good combination.

Features Of Good Blog Name

Keep it short and Memorable. This is something with context to the domain name. People don’t want to search for a blog with long names, so it is recommended to have a blog name under 15-20 characters. Short names are easily memorable as well; just make sure it is easily pronounceable. Names that are difficult to pronounce or have tough or ambiguous spelling are easily forgettable.

Uniqueness & Flavour. Use your own creativity to add flavor and uniqueness to the blog name. For example, when I was deciding a name for this blog, I chose, here WT means, Web Technologies and Matter is simply used as a verb here. So the consequent, the meaning becomes the web technologies that matter. Likewise, different people have formed their blog names with many interesting logics.

Other Important Tips. Keep these short tips in mind while choosing a domain name as per your decided blog name.

If you are making a personal blog, you can your name as your blog name. For example, if your name is Abc Singh, then you can go with a domain name like, considering if it is available. If it’s not available as a domain name, you can try different TLD (Top Level Domain) extensions like .net, .org, etc.

If you really want a domain name for your decided name and you can’t get it because the domain name is not available, you can consider adding characters like slashes or numbers. I know, there are people suggesting not to use slashes or numbers, but if you really want the name, you can do, nothing to worry about related to SEO or traffic loss or brand recognition in the future. There are thousands of popular websites and brands using hyphens and numbers in their domain names.

Best Blog Name Generators For New Domain Name Ideas

Most of the blog name generators simply jumble the different keywords to form a number of combinations, out of which you may find some interesting. Every blog name generator tool tries to add some unique feature which may help you in providing even better suggestions of the names as per your inputs provided and choice. Some of the tools also allow you to add prefixes and suffixes of your choice to form even more combinations that you may like.

1. DomainWheel

DomainWheel is a cool tool for domain name suggestions. It can help you find cool blog names really quick. The best part, as they suggest, they make use of AI for powerful suggestions. The suggestions are really good. Domain wheel is better than other blog name generators because of the two major reasons. One is the use of Artificial Intelligence, and the next is that it only suggests you the available domain names so that you need not cross verify with a domain name registrar whether the suggested domain name is available or not. Therefore, it helps you save a lot of your time researching a good blog name, as well.

Domain Wheel

I just searched for the food blog keyword, and it suggested some really cool blog names.

Domain Wheel Blog Name Suggestions

The user interface of this tool is pretty nice. It also suggests some related and random keywords for a new search of other domain names, but I found that feature is not very much accurate and useful. This wonderful tool has been developed by Themeisle, a popular WordPress Themes developer.

2. Nameboy

Nameboy is a really cool domain name suggestion tool. It is one of the oldest among such blog name suggestion tools as well. To begin with, Nameboy, you just have to enter one or two keywords in the Search box and then simply click on the Submit button to get suggestions. You can see it in the following screenshot; I entered two keywords, food, and blog.

NameBoy Blog Name Generator

Once I clicked on the Submit button, it will immediately show you the suggestions below. By default, to cross-check the availability of the domain name on Bluehost is on. You can turn it off as well. It will show in a popup if the domain name with the entered keyword is available or not.

Suggested Blog Names By NameBoy

Corresponding to each suggested name, the view details button is provided. It will simply check the availability of the current name on Bluehost. This tool is really simple, and there’s nothing much about this tool to talk about. Simply go ahead and have a try and see if it suggests a good name for your blog or not. They have also suggested some of the tips follow while purchasing a domain name on their Homepage. Have a look at them as well! But you need not follow every advice strictly. For example, they have suggested just to choose .com domains, but you can choose other TLDs as well.

3. Wordoid

Unlike most of the other tools listed here, this is not primarily a domain name suggestion tool, but simply a tool to generate catchy names of just anything. Wordoid has its own set of features. It only suggests those names which are not more than ten letters long. It is a multilingual tool, and you can set the language in which you want to get the domain name suggestions available. You can also set the quality for the results.

Wordoid Name Suggestion Tool

Further, the options to adjust the length of the suggestions, to show only the available domain names, to create a pattern are also available. Therefore, there’d be no doubt in calling Wordoid the most customizable blog name generator tool. One downside of this tool is that it does not provide any field to enter keywords.

So, everything generated is random and might not be useful for a lot of people looking for a tool to suggest the names as per some keywords provided.

4. NameMesh

NameMesh simply meshes up with your provided keywords in different categories of results. The best part of this tool is that it gives you the option not to show you the already registered domain names. You can also set the max length of the domain name. It also gives you suggestions for other pattern specific searches. You can see in the following screenshot when searched with the keyword food blog; it displays up the different available domain names in a lot of different categories.


And as you scroll down the webpage, it will automatically keep on creating new suggestions. It also suggests some of the premium domain names available for the searched keyword. Sometimes, the premium domain names are not that costly, and therefore, this feature can be really helpful as well.

5. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is another cool domain name suggestion tool. As I earlier mentioned, every tool has got some of its unique features. Likewise, Lean Domain Search has a cool feature, which also suggested whether the suggested domain name has the exact match Twitter Handle available or not. When it comes to branding of a blog, social media pages really play an important role, and it would be really great if a blog has the same name Twitter handle.

Lean Domain Search

Getting started with this tool is as simple as other tools. Simply enter the keywords in the search box and click on the Search icon to find some cool domain name suggestions. You can observe in the following screenshot, I just clicked on one of the suggestions, and in a modal, it shows the further options.

Lean Domain Search Suggestions & Options

You are given the button to quickly get started by settings up a site on with this domain name, or you can quickly register this domain on Bluehost as well. You can also filter the suggestions with options provided to find domain names that start or ends with a particular term, or you can simply sort by popularity, length, or in alphabetical order.

6. Panabee

Panbee is another Business or Blog Name Generator with a really cool website. It is not that great at providing good and relevant suggestions, but some of the suggestions are good and maybe the ones that you will like. Just have a look at this tool and see if it finds good suggestions for you or not.

Panabee Blog Name Generator

There’s nothing special about this tool, which we could talk more here. It’s quite simple and just provides you the option of choosing your favorite domain extensions.

7. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is primarily not a blog name suggestion tool but still suggests some good domain names that can be used as blog names. As soon as you start typing in the search box, it starts giving up the suggestions and the available domain name results.

Instant Domain Search

The provided suggestions are good to go. Like Namemesh, it also suggests premium domain names separately. You can also filter to see only the extension-specific suggestion of Generator, for sale, or the expired domain names.

Blog Name Suggestions By Instant Domain Search

8. Shopify Business Name Generator

Last in the list, but not the lest is Shopify Business Name Generator. It’s a handy tool offered by Shopify to find a new name for the business really quick. It does not suggest the domain names; rather it simply suggests the brand name for your business. The names suggested are pretty cool.

Shopify Business Name Generator

When you click on the corresponding arrow button given on the right side of each suggestion, you can find out if a store with the same name already exists on Shopify or not. If exists, you can consider choosing some other name.

Domain Name Registration. Once you’ve selected the blog name and corresponding domain name, go ahead and register it with any of the Domain Name Registrars. GoDaddy is a recommended domain name registrar, which is quite popular for its services and quality support. Have a look at our following linked article to get discounts on getting domain names from GoDaddy.

For Better Online Presence. Digital Marketing is a great way to establish your online presence with your blog. So, if you’re a beginner to blogging, I highly recommend you to read our Digital Marketing guide, specially written for beginners.

Suggested Readings For Better Blogging.

So, this is the list of best domain name generators. I hope you liked it. If so, do share it with others who might be looking for a good name for their new blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to WTMatter for latest updates and for any questions, feel free to make use of the comments section.

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