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5 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Reduce the loading time of your WordPress website or blog by reducing the size of images using the best Image Compression Plugins listed in this article. Everybody wants their website to load up really quick because nobody simply likes the slow loading websites. Most of the times the speed of your WordPress site is affected due to images. Images take a lot more time to load than the textual content. Therefore, in order to server the images faster to your visitors, you need to reduce the size of images. Well, in case, you’re using WordPress, image compression is not tough at all and you can do it by just installing an Image Compression plugin.

Benefits of using an Image Compression Plugin

Image Compression & Page Load Time

Reducing page load time by reducing the loading time of images is the primary reason for using an Image Compression Plugin and this is known to almost everybody. But are there any other benefits that we can get with one of such plugins? Definitely, there are.

The Image Compression plugins also come with the automatic compression features that mean, all you’ve to do is to configure these plugins once and forget about them thereafter. These plugins will automatically keep on reducing the size of your images by compressing them whenever you upload new images to your site.

This way, you can save a lot of time doing the manual compression of images. One more benefit I found with one of such plugins is that it not just reduces the size of the exact image that I upload but also reduces the different sizes of the same image which is being automatically generated by WordPress to be used at different places across the whole WordPress website front-end and back-end. For example, the different image sizes such as Thumbnails & Medium Size can also be set to be automatically compressed using one of such plugins.

Loading time is also one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors, there you search engine rankings may also improve if you can make your images small in size. Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool also suggests reducing the size of images in case if the images are not compressed and even this tool offers to download the compressed images.

List of 5 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Given below is the list of 5 different Image Compression plugins that you can install in your WordPress site and can make your site loads up super fast.

1. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

This is my favorite plugin for compressing images. This plugin is offered by one of the most popular Image Compression websites, TinyPNG. Before this plugin was released, I used to compress my images using their website service alone because their compression technology is simply amazing. I am able to reduce the size of my images sometimes even upto 95% using this wonderful plugin. It has got more than 2,00,000 active installs.

TinyPNG Free Plan

Once, installed and activated, you’ve to configure this plugin. You need to first go to and have to create an account there. Then you’ve to get the API key for the WordPress plugin. You’ve to paste the API  key in the plugin settings and it will then authorize to check if the key is valid or not. Once, successfully configured, it’ll show you how many images you can compress with your available Quota.

This plugin offers to compress 500 Image Compressions for Free every month. In case, you want a higher number of images to be compressed, you’ve to pay as per the number of images you want to compress more. But the thing is pricing is super affordable. Observe the following screenshot and you’ll see the total number of upload images, the total number of image sizes that are uncompressed and any cost if the number of images is more than your Quota.

Bulk Optimization

One of the greatest features of this plugin is that you can put the entire library of your WordPress blog on compression. In case, you already have hundreds of images uploaded in your WordPress library which are still uncompressed, you can compress them in one go using the Bulk Optimization feature of this plugin. All, you’ve to click on the Start Bulk Optimization button to compress the images (all sizes of every image) in your site WordPress Media Library.


ReSmush is another popular WordPress Image Compression plugin with over 1,00,000 active installs. It provides similar features as the Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin. It automatically compresses the new images when they’re uploaded to the media library or you can also optimize the images that are already in the WordPress Media Library. You can only compress images with upto 5 MB size with this plugin. also gives you the option to exclude images from compression in case you really want to add the full-size image to get the extreme quality. These plugins work by sending requests to the reSmush Image Compression API. One of the good features offered here is setting the optimization level. You can set the Image Quality on a scale of 0 to 100. The default value is 92. This gives you control by how much you want to reduce the size of the image to maintain the desired quality.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

Another great option for compressing images in your WordPress blog is the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. It is quite popular with more than 7,00,000 active installs. The best part of this plugin is that it does not have any speed and image file size limit. It also offers a special and unique feature than any of the other plugins listed here and that is a backup of original size images for 30 days for Free.

This plugin is highly configurable and you can choose from a lot of different options related to image compression, quality, and size of different image formats. For example, you can choose from Lossless or Lossy Compression options and that too for different formats separately. This plugin also allows you to choose if you want to remove the metadata of the image or not. In case you’re not satisfied with a particular image compress and want more, you’re provided the option to Re-optimize for each and every image which is already compressed.

Bulk optimization to optimize your entire media library is also provided. The plugin automatically keeps track of already optimized images to prevent their optimization during the bulk optimization process. EWWW Image Optimizer does all the optimization by harnessing the power of your own server and does not make use of any API, so you need not to signup by visiting a website and getting the API key.

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

This is another cool Image Compression plugin with a very active development status. It has got more than 2,00,000 active installs as well. This plugin also lets you compress the size of PDF documents as well apart from just the different image formats. ShortPixel Image Optimizer also has WebP image support. This plugin has got a huge number of features including CMYK to RGB conversion, compatibility with most of the slider and gallery plugins, thumbnails optimization support, no limit on file size and much more. You can choose the compression type Lossy, Lossless or glossy.

For this plugin, you require to get the API key by creating an account on their website. You only get 100 free credits per month and the price to get 5,000 more credits is $4.99. You can get 100 Lifetime monthly additional credits for your Image Compressions by referring this plugin to others. One of the great features that this plugin comes up with is the comparison of the original image with the compressed image. This plugin is good for advanced users who want compression under desired conditions.

5. WP Smush

WP Smush

WP Smush is the most popular plugin in this list with more than a million active installs but still not at the number one spot in this list. Wonder why? Well, there are some reasons and one of the biggest reasons is its limitations such as you can bulk optimize but only 50 images at once for Free. WP Smush offers lossless image compression. In other words, you won’t lose image quality, but the image size will be reduced. Something different that this plugin offers is the Image Resizing feature to resize the image as per the dimensions specified by you.

This plugin also comes with some of the most advanced features that include the detection of images that are slowing down your website the most, optimization of the images that are not even in the media directory of WordPress, asynchronous image compression on upload, 5 MB image file size limit but no limit on number of images, integration with Gutenberg, the Super Fast API and much more. WP Smush is compatible with most of the other sliders, galleries, and theme builder plugins.

Lazy loading is one of the recommended features that once should have in his or her website to load only those images which are appearing in front of the users to reduce the page loading time and to save some Internet data. Usually, in WordPress, you’ve to install & active a plugin in order to achieve Lazy loading feature but WP Smush has this feature inbuilt. Also, to use the Free Version of this plugin and to get API, you need not create an account on their website.

A Comparision of Best Image Compression Plugins

Let’s do a quick comparison of the WordPress image compression plugins that we’ve listed out in this article. It’s obvious that different plugins and their APIs might be using some different algorithms and image compression technologies with different approaches. Therefore, there’s will be different image outputs in terms of size and image quality.

JPG and PNG are the two most popular image file formats for serving images over the websites and blogs on the Internet. So, we’ll do the comparison of these plugins with a JPG and PNG image. Meanwhile, do you ever wonder, which format of images you should use on your Website or which is simply better in terms of size and quality? Linked below is a quick related guide.

For both JPG and PNG images, I’ve uploaded the same images five times on a Test WordPress Installation and then compressed each of them using the above-listed plugins one by one. Well, I had installed all of these plugins on a single Testing WordPress site but never use more than one Image Compression plugin, otherwise, you’ll have misconfigurations and compatibility issues.

Image Compression Plugins Compatibility Issues

Note. The following tests have been performed at the default settings of the plugins.

Testing JPG Image Compression

The JPG Image taken for testing is given below and the original image size is 245 KB.

Test JPG Image Compression

The following is data for Image Compression done by Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin for the above image.

Size Initial Size Compressed Date
Original 246.0 KB 151.4 KB 1 min ago
Large 106.9 KB 83.6 KB 1 min ago
Medium 12.3 KB 12.3 KB 1 min ago
Medium_large 64.7 KB 47.3 KB 1 min ago
Thumbnail 5.6 KB 5.5 KB 1 min ago
Post-thumbnail Not present
Combined 435.5 KB 300.2 KB

Total savings 31% (135.3 KB)

EWWW Image optimizer reduced the image sizes as defined in the following table.

Image Type Image Size Savings
Full 230.9 KB Reduced by 6.1% (15.0 KB)
Post-thumbnail 122.2 KB Reduced by 5.2% (6.7 KB)
Large 91.4 KB Reduced by 5.4% (5.2 KB)
Medium_large 55.2 KB Reduced by 5.5% (3.2 KB)
Medium 10.6 KB Reduced by 5.8% (664 B)
Thumbnail 4.7 KB Reduced by 7.2% (373 B)

Using, the image size reduced by 31 KB (5.76 % saved)

WP Smush plugin did not reduce the size of the actual image in the Free version, but the reduction in the size of other image sizes are specified below in the tabular form.

Image size Savings
FULL Skipped (Available In Pro Version Only)
POST-THUMBNAIL (1200×9999) 6.7 KB ( 5.2% )
LARGE (1024×1024) 5.2 KB ( 5.4% )
MEDIUM_LARGE (768×0) 3.2 KB ( 5.6% )
MEDIUM (300×300) 664.0 B ( 5.8% )
THUMBNAIL (150×150) 361.0 B ( 6.9% )

ShortPixel Image Optimizer reduces the image size to 82.2 KB and that’s almost 162.8 KB of savings. (around 67%) But in our testing, it takes a lot of time to compress a single image.

Testing PNG Image Compression

The PNG Image taken for testing is given below and the original image size is 216 KB.

Test PNG Image Compression

Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin compresses the PNG image and its different sizes as specified by the data given below in the tabular form.

Size Initial Size Compressed Date
Original 216.4 KB 58.9 KB 1 min ago
Large 180.8 KB 41.1 KB 1 min ago
Medium 46.1 KB 12.3 KB 1 min ago
Medium_large 138.9 KB 30.0 KB 1 min ago
Thumbnail 21.2 KB 4.9 KB 1 min ago
Post-thumbnail Not present
Combined 603.3 KB 147.3 KB

Total savings 76% (456.0 KB)

You can see a clear huge cut in the size of the original image which is much better when compared to size cut for the JPG image with this plugin.

For the above PNG Image, the EWWW Image optimizer reduced the image sizes as defined in the following table.

Image Type Image Size Savings
Post-thumbnail 353.4 KB Reduced by 3.3% (11.9 KB)
Full 212.7 KB Reduced by 1.7% (3.6 KB)
Large 175.9 KB Reduced by 2.7% (4.9 KB)
Medium_large 132.1 KB Reduced by 4.9% (6.9 KB)
Medium 42.1 KB Reduced by 8.5% (3.9 KB)
Thumbnail 18.8 KB Reduced by 11.3% (2.4 KB)

The PNG Image Size simply reduced by 670 KB (69.24 % saved) by using

The following table shows the data about Compressed Image Sizes using the WP Smush plugin for the given PNG image. Again, the full-size image is not being compressed with this plugin’s free version.

Image size Savings
FULL Skipped (Available In Pro Version Only)
POST-THUMBNAIL (1200×9999) 22.9 KB ( 6.5% )
MEDIUM_LARGE (768×0) 5.9 KB ( 4.5% )
MEDIUM (300×300) 3.6 KB ( 8.6% )
THUMBNAIL (150×150) 1.6 KB ( 8.6% )

With ShortPixel Image Optimizer, the image size was reduced to 61.1 KB with an ultimate drop of 154.9 KB, again it took a lot of time to compress the PNG image as well.

Which is the Best Image Compression Plugin For WordPress?

I have listed the 5 different options in this list and all of these options are pretty cool. Now, even the best among these really depends upon your requirements and the level of advancement. For most of the people, who just want the image compression plugin to reduce page loading time and SEO benefits, I recommend Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin. But if you are an advanced user and takes care of lossless compressions, you can try the WP Smush.

Further, if you don’t want to signup on any website and want to rely on any API service for image compression, you can use the EWWW Image Optimizer which completely compresses the images using your Server power.

Suggested Readings.

I hope you found this list of Best Image Compression Plugins for WordPress users. If so, do share it with others who might find it useful to reduce the size of images of their blogs and websites as well.

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