Top 10 Best Website Builders [2020 Edition]

Best Website Builders

You want to make a good website and for that, you don’t want to mess up with the code and just want to get the website work done quickly using a Website Builder. Well, you are on the right way because Website Builders makes the development work of a website easy and super-fast for just anybody, even if you are non-technical. But these days, a lot of options are available in the market of website builders. If there are millions of websites on the Internet today, then there are hundreds of website builders too. The number of Website Builders may also be larger than our imagination because it has been seen that many companies/agencies develop their own Website Builders for their clients and customers.

All it results in a tough competition between these builders and also a tough decision for a newbie to find out which is the Best Website Builder. Although there are many website builders available these days but there are only a few builders which worth the title of a good one. Been into the Web Development Industry form so long, we have used a lot of website builders. Recently, we’ve noticed that there are so many people who are actually confused and want to get the answer for one of the following questions:

  • Which is the Best Website Builder?
  • Which Website Builder is perfect for my type of website? Let the type be a business website, eCommerce website or any other type.
  • Which are the best FREE and PAID website builders?
  • And likewise, some other related questions…

List of Best Website Builders

So, in this article, you’re going to get the answer to all of your related questions. So, let’s just jump in and compare some of the Best Website Builders available today.

We have gone through the testing of some of the most popular website builders and have shortlisted the Top 10 Website Builders among them and have listed them below.


WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular, most robust and the most powerful website builder available in the market. WordPress is known for its ease of use, the ability of customizations, user base, and community and extendibility. It is basically web software, primarily developed in PHP (As Backend Language) and MySQL for the database. It powers almost 37% of the world’s websites.

When you simply search, the word, WordPress on Google, you’ll find two websites, one is the and another one is the Although both the sites belong to the same parent company yet both are two different products.

The WordPress which we are talking about here is a web software and has to be self-hosted on customer’s provided web hosting platform. On the other hand, is a web-based service provided by the same parent company for building blogs and websites which are hosted by the WordPress company and not the users themselves. is completely free and you can install it on your web hosting and can make your website up and live running within 5 minutes. Most of the web hosting companies these days provide One-Click install of WordPress.

Pros Cons
WordPress is highly customizable. You can control almost anything on your website by yourself.

No need to mess up with the code unless you want very high-level customizations.

You can build any type of website with WordPress, let it be a social networking website, a school’s website, a gym website or even an E-Commerce website.

WordPress offers thousands of developed plugins (50,000+ plugins) & website themes by the community and various developers spread across the world. Do you want any feature in WordPress? Just make a Google-Search and you’ll find a plugin to get the feature.

WordPress has a subset of hundreds of other theme-based website builders. In other words, many WordPress themes offer their own website builders. These builders are based on the drag and drop concept. You drag and drop the things, the way you want. Isn’t sound interesting and amazing?

Because of a worldwide community, WordPress is available in many languages and you can create your website in whichsoever language you want.

As WordPress is a self-hosted software, you need to manage it yourself on your website unless or until you hire somebody for it. But still management is so easy and most people manage it their selves.

While managing large WordPress websites, load on the website manager increases as you have to manage all the backups, updates and such stuff yourself. You are responsible for any tragedy with the website and you have to think of the security also.

In some cases, you either need to be techy or have to hire developers to get your job done.


As already mentioned, is completely free but you need to pay for the domain name and the web hosting. But domain and hosting are the prime necessities to show up your presence on the web. The domain will cost you around $10-$15 per year and hosting costs starts around $3-$5 per month.

2. Wix


Wix tends to achieve the second rank in this list of best website builders. Unlike WordPress, you need not worry about the hosting here. Wix hosting is managed by the company itself. The specialty of Wix is that when you sign up for it, you get access to thousands of templates designed by them already. You just have to choose a template and have to edit it using the Drag and drop facilities. Like plugins in the WordPress platform, Wix has Apps. Some of the Apps are FREE while others are PAID. If you want a feature in your Wix website, you look for a related APP and when found you just install it on your website and you get the feature.

For Beginners, Wix has a free plan. But free plan offers you just limited resources. You’ve to pay if you really want a good live running website for some serious purpose. One of the biggest limitations of Wix is that if you want your own domain name to be set up along with the website, you just can do it in the FREE Plan, you’ve to upgrade to the premium plan.

Pros Cons
Wix offers a lot of templates and a drag and drop page builder which makes the process of building a website so intuitive and user-friendly.

You get FREE SSL with all Wix plans.

You get access to a lot of FREE and PAID apps that enables great and useful features into your website.

Premium plan costs a bit high when you connect it with your own domain name.

You face difficulties if you ever desire to move or migrate your website from Wix to somewhere else.

Wix may show ads on your website. You can upgrade to premium plan(s) to avoid them.

Wix Premium is not that costly. You can get the Premium plan for just $1 per month. The plan which allows a custom domain costs you around $9.16 per month, plus you have to get the domain separately. And this price is worth for its features as you need not to worry about the hosting. Please note that the domain cost is separate but one good thing is you can also set up SSL.

3. Shopify


A major share of websites on the internet belongs to the E-Commerce industry. And when it comes to E-Commerce websites, Shopify is a wonderful service that lets anybody start their own eCommerce website on the go. Users have sold billions of products through their websites build using Shopify.

Like Wix and Unlike WordPress, Shopify is fully hosted platform. Again, in other words, the hosting is managed by the Shopify itself and you just have to bother about the domain name connection. The software of Shopify is managed and updated by the company itself and you also need not to bother about backups.

For an E-Commerce website, one of the greatest things that matters is the Payment Gateway. Shopify has its own payment gateway known as Shopify Payments. It allows you to integrate third-party payment gateways for a better management and customization.

Shopify has a great solution for the inventory of almost unlimited products. They have great features like statistics and marketing solutions, under one roof. Like most of the other website builder, you get the option to choose from hundreds of different designs. Shopify is great for a non-technical user who don’t want to mess up with the code.

Pros Cons
Shopify is fully hosted platform. You need to worry about manual load handling on your E-Commerce website. They do all the management work for you.

They have a simple payments solution.

Hundreds of designs to choose from and no need to touch a piece of code.

Shopify can be integrated with WordPress so that you can get the features of both.

Shopify offers FREE Trial for 14 days without the requirement of Credit Card.

Premium plans are costly than most of the other website builders.

Like Wix, it will be quite a bit difficult for you to move your website from Shopify to some other platform if you ever wanted.

Shopify’s basic plan’s cost is $29 per month and the cost increases greatly with other plans. You need to have a real E-Commerce marketing strategy before you really choose Shopify because a Successful E-Commerce business will only be able to handle the costs of Shopify.

4. Gator by HostGator

Gator By Hostgator

As the name exclaims, it is a website builder offered by the popular Web Hosting company, HostGator. It is not that old as the others in this list of Best Website Builders. HostGator clubbed up many hosting solutions along with this offering and thus attracting a lot of new users towards it.

Thus, Gator by HostGator is now a fully hosted solution for the customers who just want to build a website on the go without any hosting management worries. Again, here you get the features of automatic software updates and backup, being a fully hosted solution. You have the option to choose from more than 200 website templates and designs.

The website builder is clean, simple and easy to use with the drag and drop facility. All of the paid plans have the option to get a FREE custom domain name. One of the greatest things about Gator is its E-Commerce plan that lets you create an E-Commerce website with pure simplicity.

Pros Cons
Gator by Hostgator is a fully hosted solution, waving off the worries of manual management from the customer.

A lot of design templates and an intuitive drag and drop builder to edit almost every aspect of the webpage(s).

E-Commerce plan to let you start a full-fledged online store.

Free Custom Domain Name is provided with all premium plans.

No Free plan or trial period is provided. You’ve to go with any one of the premium plans only.

Customizations are somehow limited up to an extent.

Its pricing starts from $3.84 per month for the starter plan, $5.99 per month for the premium plan and $9.22 per month for the E-Commerce plan.

5. Weebly


Weebly is another popular website builder in the market and it definitely deserves to be in the list of Top 10 Best Website Builders. It is also a fully hosted website building solution. Like most of the other builders in this list, Weebly also comes with a drag and drop builder that lets you craft beautiful website on the go without any technicality.

Again, the complete management and maintenance of the software are already done by the Weebly company and you have to just concentrate on the designing and content addition part.

It also supports E-Commerce and you can build a website to sell as many products as you want with Weebly.

A lot of features such as Galleries, contact forms which are included using various apps and plugins in the other website builder are simply available in the Weebly Page Builder.

Pros Cons
Gator by Hostgator is a fully hosted solution, waving off the worries of manual management from the customer.

A lot of design templates and an intuitive drag and drop builder to edit almost every aspect of the webpage(s).

E-Commerce plan to let you start a full-fledged online store.

Free Custom Domain Name is provided with all premium plans.

No Free plan or trial period is provided. You’ve to go with any one of the premium plans only.

Customizations are somehow limited up to an extent.

Any beginner can get started with Weebly for Free. But again, to get most out of their features you may need to upgrade to their premium plan which starts from $8 per month. There is a pro plan and a business plan, they cost $12 per month and $25 per month respectively.

6. Squarespace


Squarespace is another website builder but a bit different from all others. It is also fully hosted solution and thus you need not worry about traffic management, updated and backups. It is very much secure and robust and is believed to handle any much amount of traffic.

You get the option of various designs to choose from and once you choose a good design according to your personal preference, you can choose to re-design the webpage with your own content using the page builder. Its page builder is one of the best in this list of Best Website Builders. Whenever you want to add content anywhere on the website, you need to just point the mouse cursor there and click and start typing! Isn’t it great?

One another great feature is that you can use different templates for different web pages of the website. This is a feature provided by only a few website builders.

A Website Builder is not complete if it does not let you to create an E-Commerce website. But here in Squarespace you can build E-Commerce websites easily. A simple but pretty much useful interface is provided to manage the E-Commerce endpoints such as inventory, coupon codes and discounts.

One limitation with the E-Commerce plan of Squarespace is limited payment gateways. You can integrate with Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal only. No third-party payment gateways integration is allowed.

Pricing of Squarespace website starts from $12 per month. The personal plan costs $12 per month while the Business plan costs $18 per month. The E-Commerce plans, namely Basic and Advanced, costs, $26 and $40 respectively.

7. BigCommerce


This is again a Website Builder to build E-Commerce websites. We’ve already talked about one such other E-Commerce Website Builder, Shopify in this article. Exactly, like Shopify BigCommerce is a fully hosted solution.

Large E-Commerce websites often crashes when they get huge traffic during a sale or ongoing promotion. But you need not worry here because BigCommerce is fully hosted and they manage everything for your site smoothly. They maintain backups, do updates and everything else they need to keep their software great from time to time.

BigCommerce offers native integration with WordPress to fuel up your website for some of the greatest E-Commerce abilities. BigCommerce can be integrated with most of the popular payment gateways. Shopify charges some fees to integrate third-party payment gateways with your website but BigCommerce does not.

Like most of the other website builders, BigCommerce has website templates to choose from and further you can modify them according to your requirement using the simple and easy to use, drag and drop page builder.

One of the best features of BigCommerce is that it gives you complete feel of running a high-level E-Commerce business with features like powerful statistics and suggestions. All that you can find in other popular E-Commerce websites like Reviews, Coupon Codes can also be integrated in your BigCommerce website.

BigCommerce pricing is quite similar to Shopify and it also offers a 15-day trial period for all of its plans. BigCommerce has a wonderful dashboard that lets you control everything like a miracle.

They have standard, plus and pro plans and further, for Enterprise, you can ask for custom plans and pricing. Their standard plan costs $29.95 per month, plus plan costs $79.95 per month and pro plan costs $249.95 per month. You can save up to 10% by paying annually.

8. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder

When it comes to domain names, GoDaddy is a global leader in domain name registrations. They also offer various hosting solutions and now they are into the market of website builders too. You get a website builder with web hosting here.

You can create a professional looking website with simplicity here. Like all other website builder tools, you have the option to choose first from a number of themes/templates/designs and then after you can make the design your very own using the page builder tool.

One thing different from other builders in this list is the integrated Getty Photo Library. But the feature that will make you fell in love with GoDaddy Website Builder is its small-device friendliness. Yes, you got it right, you can use this builder on your smartphone too.

GoDaddy builder is simple and does not offer as rich features as most of the other website builder. But the thing is most of the people won’t need those rich features unless or until you are into a high-level business.

GoDaddy builder’s pricing is pretty much simple. They have three plans. Personal, Business and Business Plus. These plans are billed annually and cost $5.99, $9.99 and $14.99 per month respectively.

9. Duda


Duda is another great website builder tool. Duda can help you to create websites really quick and high conversions oriented. Duda is also a fully hosted solution. According to their website, they say that they host your website on AWS. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth.

The interface of the builder is drag and drop based. You also get the interface to see the stats and analytics. You have the option to activate SSL in one click. They have a developer mode, which opens a completely new door of customization for you. Their websites are really fast as per the Google Page Speed Insights tool test.

For building your website really, quick, you can use the Pre-Designed website sections. You can also build E-Commerce websites with Duda. You can edit the design on Mobile or any other device also.

One great feature of Duda is the Team Collaboration feature. If you are building the website in a team, this tool makes your work pretty much simple. You also get a global CDN with Duda.

Coming to the pricing, they have three plans, Basic, Team, and Agency. These plans costs, $14, $22 and $72 per month respectively, if you go with annual billing. Basic and Team plans are limited to 1 website while the Agency plan lets you make up to 8 websites. You can save up to 25% if you choose annual billing.


As mentioned in the first rank, and, both are offered by the same parent company but both are different. If deserves the rank one, also deserves at least one position in this list. It offers all that you need to make a website. is a fully hosted solution. They have free and paid plans. The FREE plan has a lot of limitations and if you have to build a website on the custom domain name, you have to go with the premium plan.

You have the option to choose from a lot of themes. tries to relate it with the classical website customization interface designs. Unlike most of the other website builders in this list, it does not offer you to edit the page with a drag and drop builder tool.

You can install plugins and themes only once you upgrade to their premium plan. Even the premium plan has some limitations like no support of Ecommerce with WooCommerce plugin. But once you upgrade to their Business plan, you got that support. Make sure that you have to follow their Terms and Condition policies in all cases. You are also not allowed to run ads on the free website.

The reasons mentioned in the above paragraph makes as not a solid recommendation but still, it has got a great hosting solution for newbies.

So, this is the list of the Top 10 Best Website Builders for the year of 2020. Hope, you found it useful. If so, do share it with others who might fight it useful too.

Please feel free to ask us any query or simply put your suggestions in the comments section below. Let us know if you know about any other Website Builder(s) that deserves to be in this list. Also, share your experience with different page builders with our readers.

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