Best Business Phone Services in 2020

Best Business Phone Services

This article features some of the best business phone services for all kinds of business. Although you can make use of your Landline or Normal Mobile Phone Service for the purpose, it does not seem to be professional as you will lack a lot of features like efficient call management for a large number of customers, tracking, and all other related stuff. Therefore, using a business phone service, you can efficiently manage calls.

Benefits of Using A Business Phone Service

If you’re running a really small business, let’s say you’ve less than 50 clients or customers in a week, you can keep using the landline or mobile phones. But when you exceed this number, managing calls becomes really difficult. Also, for a professional business, using a landline or mobile phone does not look professional and it also lacks effective communication. Some of the major benefits of using a Business Phone Service are mentioned below.

Tracking. These services allow you to track the different parameters including the duration of the call, the number of times the call was on hold, call waiting time and several other parameters.

Business Essentials. Businesses often require to have features like call forwarding, waiting, routing and recording. The business phone services usually come with all of these features and sometimes, even more, depending upon the company and its offerings and plans.

Auto Attendant. In large businesses, there are things like customer care centers with a limited volume of call respondents. When business demand is more, there’s a huge load on these call centers. The auto-attendant automatically routes the incoming calls to the available attendants and asks the caller to wait, if no one is available for the moment. This is one of the major reasons to choose a business phone service.

Device Portability. These services can be used across multiple devices. They can work on a phone placed on your desk, on a smartphone and usually, companies use computer devices for the purpose of receiving and making calls.

Flexibility For More Users. In normal phone services, you need to have as many new connections for the phone as many more users you’re willing to add to your business call services. Unlike it, Business Phone Services allows you to add a new user anytime on any device and you need to contact the company to ask for a new connection.

Works wherever is the Internet. VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology is being used by the Business Phone Services that lets you make use of their services, wherever there is an active high-speed Internet connection. This is one of the biggest advantages of these services over traditional phone services as it vanishes the worries of the re-connection of physical phone lines in case you want to migrate the business calling setup from one place to another.

Helps Growing Your Business. A lot of unique features are offered by different business phone services that can really help you grow your business. Especially, if you’re running an online business or an ECommerce website, these services help a lot. It can help to build loyalty towards your business among your customers as you can offer support over a call.

It doesn’t matter what type of online business you’re running or whatever platform you’re using to run that business. For example, people running an online store with WordPress & WooCommerce can have the same benefit using business phone services as people running a business website developed in any other technology.

List of Best Business Phone Services

Given below is the list of best business phone services, compiled by keeping these major factors in mind, features, pricing, support & reliability.

1. GrassHopper

Grasshopper is the ultimate solution for any type of call management online. For small businesses, it is simply the best choice. They are already being trusted by more than 135k businesses and is handling around 140M unique calls every single year. They have two different services, GrassHopper and GrassHopper Connect.


The first service is a professional but virtual phone system with all the small business targeted features including Desktop & Mobile Apps, Business Texting, Call Forwarding, VOIP + Wifi Calling & Voicemail Transcription. GrassHopper Connect is even better when you also want to organize everything in a much better way and as it includes Unified Messaging, Business Contacts, Timeline View, Gmail Integration and A Mobile Application.

GrassHopper is really affordable. Their Pricing for the GrassHopper plans starts at $26 for one month when billed annually. Paying annually could save you more than 10%. They offer three plans for their Virtual Phone System, as shown in the following screenshot.

Grasshopper Plans And Pricing

And for Grasshopper, connect, they only offer a single plan that is going to cost you $35 per month, when billed annually. They also offer a Free Trial so that you can have a better idea of how their business phone service actually works before you can actually become their paid customer. Their plans are really a good choice for small businesses.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is another great service that offers a complete business communication suite rather than just a business phone service. They offer a complete Relationship Dashboard which you can view anytime for better recognition of your different customers. They have separate offerings for small & medium businesses and enterprise businesses. Their CRM is one of the best among its alternatives.


Nextiva is a very featureful business phone service. It includes Number Porting, Local or Toll-Free Number, Unlimited Calling, Auto Attendant, Hold Music, Online Faxing, Text Messaging & SMS, Mobile App, Call Recording, Conference Calls and much more. Analytical Features that let you measure the productivity on calls upto a great depth are really unique and cool with Nextiva. It is also one of the highest-rated business phone services by a lot of businesses and rating portals online.

Nextiva Pricing And Plans

Nextiva also offers affordable pricing for its plans. They have separate plans for their Business Communication Suite and Customer Relationship Suite. The pricing varies as per the number of users you want to use the service and can also be chosen on a monthly basis or on a contract basis. The Pro plan of Business Communication Suite will cost you $25 per month per user, while the basic plan will cost $20 per month per user. Nextiva offers a quick setup you can start using it on the go without falling into any hassles.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral also offers a separate bundle of services for small businesses and enterprises. RingCentral offers unlimited business calls within the United States and Canada. You can choose to have a local number or a Toll-Free Number like most of its alternatives. Other features offered here are Voicemail to text, audio meetings, internet fax, video conferencing, call recording, screen sharing, SMS & MMS, phone rental options, iOS, and Android app, HD Voice, Team Collaboration, third-party integrations, and good analytical data. It also offers 1000 toll-free minutes per month.

Integration with, Zendesk, and is also possible with RingCentral, which is really good for an effective customer relationship management if you’re already using any one of there for better customer-company relations.

RingCentral Pricing

The pricing model is similar to most of the other business phone services listed in this article. You can save huge, upto 33% if you choose annual billing rather than going with the monthly billing option. The most basic plan With RingCentral is te Essentials plan that allows upto 20 users and cost you $19.99 per month per user. You can quickly get started with them and can go with the Free Trial if you want to try their services before implementation.

4. offers quality VoIP Business Phone Services at affordable pricing. The list of features here is really huge, it includes, Account Management, Call Blocking, Call Notification, Cool Web Interface, Mobile Apps, Text Messaging, Greetings, Hold Music, Caller ID, Text To Greeting, Number Porting, Fax, Menus, Schedules, Voicemail to Email and much more. Their premium features allow integration with third-party services and CRMs.

With, you can get the benefit of lower calling rates to other countries. They have two types of Pricing plans, either you can choose to pay per minute or choose one of the Unlimited Plans. Pricing starts from only $9.99 per month with the Base plan that comes under the pay per minute pricing model. Again, you have to go with the annual billing plan for the price, which otherwise will cost you $12.99 per month with the monthly billing. This plan offers 300 monthly minutes, unlimited user extensions, 1 local or toll-free number, 5000 SMS Messages, and 40+ basic features. Pricing

The Unlimited plans are better in case, you want unlimited monthly minutes. The base plan here will cost you $25 per month if billed annually. The price is for the per-user extension. For every other extension of the user, you’ve to pay this price. But the offerings are good as you get unlimited user extensions and unlimited monthly minutes. Most of the other features are similar to the Pay Per Minute plans.

5. Vonage

Vonage helps small businesses for better and effective communication with their business phone services. Vonage integrated with Amazon Chime for Video Conferencing, Chat and File Sharing services. It has a desktop as well as Mobile Application. Vonage also offers multi-level auto attendant, CRM integrations, call recording, visual voicemail, and all other basic calling features.


This service actually has a lot more for your business rather than just business phone service. They offer their plan trials free for 14 days. The price for the mobile plan starts @ $19.99 per line per month. But to get most of the features, you’ve to either go with the Premium or Advanced Plan, which will cost you $29.99 per line per month and $39.99 per line per month respectively.

6. 8×8

8×8 is a highly featureful business phone service. This service allows unlimited calling in around 47 countries across the world. 8×8 features include Call Handling (Caller ID, Ring Groups, Call Forwarding, etc.), HD Secure Voice, Desktop and Mobile Application, Presence Detection, Voice Mail, Integration with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, Voicemail Transcription, CRM integrations, Internet Fax, Cross-Platform Team Messaging, Powerful Analytics, Surveys and more.


It offers a Free 30 day trial for their 8×8 Express plan which costs $12 per month per user and allows unlimited calling only within the United States and Canada. The X Series X2 plan costs $25 per month per user and allows unlimited calling within 14 countries. Similar, the X4 and X6 plan costs $45 and $110 per month per user and allows unlimited calling within 47 countries.

Good To Know. Make sure you also check which of the business phone services offer what services in which countries. Some of the services may allow the complete or partial set of services to be offered and used only in particular countries. For example, some of the services may only allow you to use their SMS Service in the United States and Canada only.

Apart from a business phone service, you can have better business with your customers and clients with other means of communication as well with professionalism. Email Marketing holds the potential for the sales for your business. Every business should have its own domain-specific business email address. Here’s a guide for the same.

If you’re running an online business, you can harness the power of Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization for better growth and productivity.

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