What is a Backlink? All You Need To Know About Backlinks

Backlinks Explained

The term Backlink justifies itself. It is defined as a link given to your website by some another website. That’s why it is called as a BACK-LINK.

Let’s understand a backlink with an example. Let’s there are two websites, A and B.

A is a technology-oriented information website while B is a forum website where people talk about the latest technology trends. Let’s say a user on B answeres question of another user in the forum and for reference, he provides a link to a related post of the website A. Then this way, he will be adding a backlink to the website A from the website B.

Backlinks & Internet

There’s nothing different physically about a backlink. It is added as a normal anchor tag in the HTML content of the website. Internet is full of backlinks. Almost every other website links to some other website for multiple reasons.

Now, a backlink has got significance in many terms of the World Wide Web.The two major aspects linked with Backlinks are Referral Traffic and Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines like Google recognizes those websites higher than most of the other websites which have good several backlinks from some reputed websites over the Internet. Basically, if your website or blog gets quality backlinks from other esteemed websites, it gives search engines and the people over the internet a positive signal and influence about your website.

The reason is clear. If some website owner is adding your website’s link in their content of the website, then obviously there would have been a reason behind it. Maybe they found something useful or knowledgeful related to their content on your website. There could be numerous reasons why people linking back to your website. The most common reasons for people offering backlinks to others are providing credits or to simply let their visitors that they can find out the related information at the link. A lot of people get influenced by the fact that more backlinks mean more traffic from the Search Engines or Referral. Well, that’s exactly not true. Quality of the Backlinks matters more than the number of backlinks. And sometimes Content matters the most and backlinks are not able to influence the ranking of the websites in the Search Engine Results at all.

Backlinks should be naturally built. A lot of people try to build fake or backlinks using the unnatural ways due to the reason of getting search engine ranking benefits. Well, yes, some of them may also achieve benefits for some time but such benefits given by Search Engine are temporary. As day by day, search engines are getting better with regular algorithmic updates, websites with fake backlinks are getting penalized in the search engines.

Types of Backlinks

Well, to be precise, the HTML’s anchor tag can be described to follow or nofollow. And on that basis, a backlink can be categorized into two types.

  • DoFollow Backlinks
  • Nofollow Backlinks

There’s an attribute, rel, used in the anchor tag which specifies the relationship between the two documents, the linking one the one on which it is added.

Follow backlinks are the normal anchor tag links with no rel the attribute is a follow or dofollow link. The following two anchor tags is an example of dofollow link.

<a href="https://some-other-website.com">Anchor Text</a>

The following one is a nofollow backlink.

<a href="https://some-other-website.com" rel="nofollow">Anchor Text</a>

The difference of putting the nofollow tag tells Search Engines not to follow this link and therefore doesn’t pass link juice through it. By default, search engines like Google also try to explore all the linking pages while crawling the content of a webpage. But if you’ll put the nofollow value in the rel attribute of the anchor, search engines will skip that link.

It can be concluded as Follow links are useful in search engine rankings while the nofollow links are significantly not. But a website having all the incoming links as follow may be suspicious. As naturally, you’ll find most of the websites have a ratio of follow and nofollow links. You can check out the ratio of backlinks for different websites with the help of SEMrush, which is a powerful Search Engine Marketing and Competitor analysis tool.

Further, depending upon the type and nature of the websites from where the links come, it can be categorized into different types such as social sites backlinks, forum links, etc.

How to Build Backlinks Naturally?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when we talk about backlinks. Because of backlinks helping in growing your website traffic by achieving your website higher search engine rankings, there are some ways to help you start building quality backlinks right away. Following are the most popular ways to build backlinks naturally.

  • Guest Posting is the most popular way for building quality backlinks naturally. A lot of blogs and websites allow the visitors to submit their writings to their website and they will publish them on their website with linking back to your website. Some websites provide follow links while others provide nofollow. Now, it’s upto you and your strategy which websites to target for Guest Posts and Backlink Building.
  • Add Social Media Sharing Icons on your website and let the visitors share your articles on Social Media Sites easily. Backlinks achieved from social media websites are very useful in search engine rankings.
  • Blog commenting is one of another popular way for getting backlinks. But most of the sites only allow you to add nofollow links in the comments.

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