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macOS Vs Windows – Comparison with Advantages and Disadvantages

Windows Vs MacOS

Featuring the detailed comparison between the two popular OS, macOS and Windows along with their features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages. Are you confused between macOS and Windows? Then this is the perfect platform to know which operating system is the best for you. Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows are two of the most popular operating […]

Linux Vs Windows – Comparison with Advantages & Disadvantages

Windows Vs Linux

Find out the detailed comparison between the two popular OS, i.e. Windows and Linux along with the features, facts, advantages and disadvantages of each. Are you going to purchase a personal computer and yet to decide which Operating System to use? Or do you want to try another Operating System for your personal computer? Majority […]

Java Vs Python – Detailed Comparison With Facts

Java Vs Python

Are you confused about which programming language is best for you? Then you are on the right page! Read this blog to know the difference between Java and Python. You will surely be able to judge which one is best for you! Both Java and Python have are two very popular programming languages. The latest […]

Best Email Service Providers In 2020

Best Email Services

This article features a list of 10 best email service providers along with their features. Listed services offer personal and professional email addresses. Are you looking to make a new mail account? Confused which mail service provider is best for you? Here we have listed ten of the best mail providers (for personal as well […]

Best Cloud Storage Services In 2020

Best Cloud Storage Services

This article will help you to choose the best cloud storage services to store your content in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere and anytime. Cloud Storage Providers have become essential to almost every internet users nowadays. These platforms help you to backup your important data, collaborate with your friends or colleague, […]

Agile Vs DevOps – Explanation, Emergence and Difference

Agile Vs DevOps

This article explains the Agile Model and DevOps. Find out the emergence of Agile and DevOps along with a detailed tabular difference between both of them. Both Agile Methods and DevOps culture have gained tremendous popularity among software engineers and other professionals working in the Information Technology Sector. DevOps is considered to be an extension […]

DevOps – The Definitive Guide with Principles & Benefits


Explore DevOps with its definition, history, principles, benefits, lifecycle, and difference with the old process. Learn about DevOps Engineer & his skills. DevOps is a culture that promotes a healthy alliance between the operations team and the development team. The main objective of this culture is to build, test, and release the software faster and […]

Waterfall Vs Agile – Advantages, Disadvantages and Difference

Waterfall Vs Agile

This article explains the Waterfall model and the Agile model along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, find the difference between them. The Waterfall methodology and Agile methodology are two different models of the Software Development Life Cycle. The agile model was basically developed to oppose the Waterfall model in the late 1990s. […]

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control – Explained

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

This article explains the terms Quality Assurance and Quality Control in detail with their tabular difference. Also, get answers to FAQs related to them. Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two terms that are often used interchangeably. People, even technical experts, sometimes get confused between the two words because of the visible similarities between these […]

Software Engineering – The Definitive Guide

Software Engineering

Find out what is software engineering, its history, emergence, and benefits. We have also discussed its types and software engineering as a career option. Software engineering is generally a process of analyzing user requirements and then designing, building, and testing software applications that will further satisfy those requirements. The institute of electrical and electronics engineers […]